Merry Christmas


First of all, I have to show my gratitude to dear assistant to President.

It was kind and gentle of her to give us a box of chocolate as the present for Christmas last night.

The chocolate, from the nationally renowned store in Taichung – ChoChoco, is of high quality, so is the price.

The assistant was so sweet but vicious that this chocolate present was only for female.

Hence, the other male colleagues could do nothing but to pretend not to see

the beautifully designed box and the luxurious cuisine inside with tears.


Ivy and I discussed how to tackle the high-class present more “effectively”.

To begin with, I reckoned to consider it to be a snack for afternoon tea for fear that

the chocolate might be melted due to the temperature outside.

But eventually I received Ivy’s suggestion – “don’t eat the chocolate yet”, which is revised from a famous book “don’t eat the marshmallow yet”.


“Don’t eat the marshmallow yet” is not only a book name but also an important spirit for life.

The narrator in the story was taken to do an experiment

on the relation between the tolerances to eat marshmallow and the success of life.

According to the result, the more tolerances he has, the more successful he becomes.

I have been touched by the driver in the story who isn’t contented with his current life and tries to make a difference by following his boss’ advises, such as going home for dinner to save money and improve the family relationship, doing something that losers are reluctant to do, and so on…I haven’t finished the book but it does interest me a lot.

Therefore, I decided to give it a try.

Ivy and I wanted to bring the cuisine back, enjoying the amazing taste with a cup of hot tea in our free time. By postponing the time for savoring, we believed we are able to earn the biggest merit.

While opening the cover, there is a piece of paper saying that expire date is within one week.

So, I determined to digest the chocolate this Sunday after having a big meal with Riva.


Also, I was so happy to get the Christmas blessing from Chris, an able and gentle co-worker with decent manners.  I didn’t deny I made a good impression on Chris for his behavior and ABC pronunciation at first.  Nevertheless, I felt weird after knowing his special identity.

I just wonder why I always unwittingly pay much attention to Group of Prince once in a while. I don’t mean to get closer to the high-class sphere.

But it’s absolutely interesting that I always the last one to know these seemingly normal guys have much to do with the president.

Maybe I have good eyesight for man.

Just kidding. ^^


Anyway, thanks those who sent me such great bliss and wish everyone a happy Christmas and a good time.


BTW, 12/26 is Oguri Shun’s birthday.

Happy birthday to dear shun kun!*0*


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