A heavy burden and shock falls on me all of a sudden.


The leading secretary told me something regarding her position transfer off work. 

I should have been calm and taken it for granted.  I was told during the interview; however, I couldn’t help but hold my breath and keep silent to settle down the messy thoughts in my mind.


I contemplated for seconds but…

Well, as a renowned quotation from King Lear: Nothing comes from nothing; I have to confess that I do not understand the exact working situation about the leading secretary.  At times, I got some news from the security guard that she is doing well in these 15 years.  She is careful and patient enough to make almost anything perfect and merely make mistakes.  Nevertheless, a secretary is the position which requires no professional skills, knowing everything but not mastering anything.  The president shows his gratitude and credit as well as appreciates her impeccable working performance.  Hence, because of the close fellowship, the president expects her to learn more and become a professional in a certain field.  That’s what I got from the secretary.


I know the day would come.

Therefore, I have to make up my mind to adjust myself to the environment, to the co-workers, and to the president and the persons around.

The leaving day has not been set, but both of us know the urgency to take actions, for her to teach as precisely as possible, and for me to learn as quickly as I can.

We don’t know what may happen next time; what we can do is to seize the present grabbing the chances to turn to her for solutions to what I have the slightest clue.


Bear the full mental preparation in mind,

Get the guts to behaves like a cotton,

Stride forward and never refuse to grow up,

Just remember: NOW OR NEVER









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