A friend in need is a friend indeed.


thank you both for being my spiritual supports

taking my hands and leading me to the bright side of life

though you are not able to show me the right way to me

I do need to appreciate your words and going shopping with me

which releases my great tension and saves me from the nothing I've become

happiness and laughters from the funny chatting 

warm comfort gives me a sense of security

it is so considerate of you to behave sweetly 

 no big deal  for both of you

a healing magic cast on me wakes my sleeping soul and tired mind 


sharing bittersweet trivial things  every single day

licking wounds gently

giving a hand appropriately 

being a good listener and counselor sometimes

laughing out loud like fools and crying like a homeless kids together

those are what friends are for

thank you~ 靖芸&竺聲~always love you and wish you happy all the time  


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