I have to confess that I am in a bad condition.
no breakthrough
no idea
no guts
even though I have a dream.......

We youngsters, or the so-called the "strawberry generation" or "me generation",
harbor plenty of dreams and ambition,
and we just can not wait for the glorious days that dreams come true.

However, when things do not go in our way, we have a tendency to 
miss something we are longing for and be stuck in an undesirable situation.   
Worst of all, we lose confidence and passion, 
forgetting our goal and calling which might be the driving force in the lifetime.

facing the music is painful but inevitable
a cliche

thank you APPLE CEO for your address, which is like a beam of hope 
showing me the courage to keep faith and to discover myself

perhaps we don't know what the bothering situation would bring me right now,
I can look backwards after 10years , so that the value of the connection between the dots and the future is clear and meaningful.

So, just believe in something I possess now - my mind, karma , and pride.

That is the greatest love of all for me and  people who love me.




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