Please remember to make use of the thing you have in abundance - time.
Job seekers are told to split one day into manageable compartments :
preparation and research, meetings, and follow-up.
1. Do the background research on the companies that you are going to applying to or interviewing with.
2. Schedule at least one meeting after having your resume updated and figure out what sort of position you are longing for.
3. Compile an inventory of your skills, accomplishments, or honors ready to be recounted during interview.
4. Have a cup of coffee with your former colleagues or career counselors to come up with your ideas and have a deep discussion with them.
5. Send thank-you notes to those who had coffee with and forward the articles and proposals you had mentioned, and remember not to postpone it.

"Having no structure is the biggest enemy to be organized."
Through the three steps, they can stop you from indulging yourself in appointment and depression
and keep you connect with the outside world.

It is quite dangerous to be obsessed with any one thing,
which may costs all the time and be forced to quit other important matters.
Therefore, making a useful schdule is a vital importance in job hunting as well as in life.

Looking back on the time being a job hunter, it was not so easy to get the steps mentioned above done.
I always made some trivial but fatal mistakes which almost killed me in the nick of time.
Tending to be anxious is one of my weakness,
so I screwed up at times merely because I stammered or talked too fast.
"People are energized when getting things done.
That can help you beget energy and confidence. "

The original article "How to Turn Downtime into Job Offers" is in the New York Times last Monday(12/21).
As far as I am concerned, this article gives aspiraions not only to the jobseekers but also to those who are going to graduate from university.
Bear the compartments in mind and implement so that you might turn the downtime into job offers soon.
Wish everyone a good work and a peaceful life.


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